Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Right Care for Your Jewelry

Jewelry is one of our most precious and cherished possessions. Many a times, each piece has specific memories for us and those memories make them even more precious. Taking care of jewelry is therefore very essential, especially when you not only want to enjoy them yourself but also want their heirloom quality sparkling for generations to come.

A good pearl set has a place of pride in any woman’s jewelry collection. Common day cosmetics such as hair spray, perfume, lotions can damage the delicate nacre of pearls and corrode the alloy of the setting. Exposure to heat and excessive sunlight can harm colored gemstones in a pendent or necklace and affect its durability. Excessive heat and sudden temperature changes fracture gemstones and easily remove the natural moisture that keeps these gems resplendent. Pearls can dry out, crack and discolor; your cherished amethyst necklace may lose its play-of-color and your opal may turn white or brown and may even develop tiny cracks. This is a catastrophe indeed! However, knowing how you can care for your precious jewelry can make a world of difference in keeping it beautiful and sparkling forever.

You can keep your gems sparkling by cleaning them in warm water or detergent free mild soap with a soft brush.  A new, unused make-up brush works really well. Surely you don’t want to chance a loose stone or a pearl getting washed down the drain, so don’t forget to stop the sink drain or keep a rubber mat to hold the stones. Remember that your favorite three strand pearl necklace that you wear so often needs to be restrung by a professional once a year. When you clean it in warm soapy water, don’t forget to let it dry on a soft cloth or towel. Though you may be tempted to wear it even though its string is a bit damp, do try and resist the impulse. The damp string will attract dirt and sweat, rendering your earlier efforts to clean it useless. 

Wiping your pearl jewelry with a damp cloth with soap water and drying it off, will ensure a long life of the jewelry keeping it looking good as the day you first wore it.  Also, avoid wearing pearls with lotion and cosmetics around the neck as the cosmetic chemicals can react easily to reduce the brilliance of the nacre of the pearls.  Also never get your jewelry in contact with carbonated water or drinks.

When you get back home after a late night party or a hard day at work, it’s tempting to fling your onyx necklace into a drawer or on the dresser. This is a recipe for disaster. Gems are can be easily scratched or fractured. Do take the time to keep them in the original box or pouch, or invest in a good jewelry box that has individual slots or post for hanging or placing your precious necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets.

 A little care and attention will go a long way in keeping your cherished jewelry sparkling and pristine. When you are looking to add more necklaces to your collection, do check the amazing array available at www.necklacesareus.com.

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  1. All kinds of precious or semiprecious stone like diamond, pearl and other kind of gold, silver and platinum jewellery becomes dull after regular use from body lotion, cream, oil and dust......
    Make your jewelry clean